April 13th - April 21nd
Denmark & Germany
Buixie 2019

Buixie Denmark & Germany

It is 2019, meaning we will continue the tradition and the foreign excursion committee of T.F.V. 'Professor Francken' is organizing a trip to Germany! Thank you for starting this tradition Buixie 1979. But there is more: we will also be visiting the happiest country in the world: Denmark.

Each year, the Foreign Field Trip Committee, or Buixie, organizes an excursion to a foreign (European) country for members of T.F.V. 'Professor Francken', visiting universities and companies to get an impression of the world of applied physics outside of Groningen. Furthermore, every lustrum, the committee goes all-out and organizes an excursion to another continent, broadening the horizon even more. If you have questions about the committee, send us an email at: buixie@professorfrancken.nl.

Destination: Denmark and Germany


Germany is known in all its glory for beer, cars and bratwurst. We will have a pint, visit some industrial sites, and taste varieties of bratwurst. Hamburg is a leading European science and cultural city with several universities and institutes of great interest, in fields ranging from physics to theatre. It also includes one of the largest ports in the world. Here we can practice what little German we still remember from high school to gain the Hamburger accent from the locals.


Denmark has more than twice the amount of cars (1.8 million) compared to bicycles (4.2 million). Copenhageners pedal more than 1.13 million kilometers on their bicycles each day. If this does not shock you as a person living in the land of bicycles, then we don't know what will. Denmark's all time favorite is Legoland. However, Copenhagen includes many things such as (but not limited to) colorful architecture, Tivoli Gardens, the Little Mermaid, the Bohr Institute and Freetown Christiana.

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For students

To finance the foreign excursions and keep the participants' fee as low as possible, the foreign excursion committee provides so-called case studies. A case study is an assignment by a company under supervision of a PhD or professor at the RUG. It could be anything from purely theoretical research to a practical assignment. The student doing such a case study is rewarded ECTs, which can be used for the mandatory bachelor project. Our job is to arrange these case studies, and initiate contact between students and companies.

If you are interested in doing a case study or want to know more, check out the aditional information below and/or send us an email.

Case studies (for companies)

A company can hire students who follow their education at the University of Groningen (RUG) to do a so called case study, which is an assignment by a company under supervision of a PhD or professor at the RUG. This case study is performed to fund a foreign excursion for members of the study association T.F.V. 'Professor Francken'. The case study can be something like a theoretical research or a practical assignment. For both the theoretical and practical cases the equipment, infrastructure and knowledge of the university can be used by the students to perform the study.

For case studies we enlist students with a Physics, Applied Physics, Mathematics or Applied Mathematics background who are finishing their undergraduate degree. In the case of Physics, the student has knowledge of classical and quantum mechanics, and knows how to perform a theoretical study. For Applied Physics, the student has done courses in electronics, mechanics, a basic course in programming and numerical methods. Mathematics and Applied Mathematics students have learned to think analytically and know how to solve problems as such, and know a fair deal about statistics. After enlisting students, we then contact companies who can hire a student for a certain amount of hours, 420 hours for a 'normal' case.

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The committee

Pieter Wolff
Melav Salih
Carla Olsthoorn
Tina Fazeli
External relations / Event manager
Puck Planje
Chantal Kool
Board representative
Chantal Rikse
Public Relations