The Programme

The participants borrel will be on the 16th of March in the Francken room!



We start the excursion in wonderful Boston. Best known for Harvard, MIT and Boston Dynamics. Boston is culturally as rich as the USA can get. Prepare yourself for the freedom trail! On the Monday we will visit three research groups at Harvard. And on the Tuesday, 2 research groups at MIT. After these 5 days in Boston we go onto New York City.

Picture of Boston

APRILNew York City

No introduction is really necessary for this megacity. Here we will start our visit with the IBM Headquarters and then we'll have a free weekend to explore the city that never sleeps!

Picture of New York


On our way to Toronto we will sightsee the incredible Niagra Falls! Did you know 25% of Canada's population lives within a 160km radius of Toronto? Crazy, I know. On Thursday we will visit the Waterloo University.

Picture of Toronto


The only interesting thing in Sudbury is: the Neutrino Observatory, but boy what an interesting lab! Situated 2 kilometers below the earth's surface it is bound to give the people working there some nasty claustrophobia.

Picture of Sudbury


During our stay in Ottawa it so happens there is free Heineken at the Netherlands embassy during King's Day, what a coincidence! And on our second day we will visit advanced research facilities at uOttawa.

Picture of Ottawa


Before heading home we'll drop by the largest French speaking city in the world, after Paris. The McGill University is located here, where they have the ZIAM of Montreal! Also known as MIAM. We will visit 2 research groups here on the Thursday.

Picture of Montreal